Zip Line



Get the whole family engaged as you create your own zip-line using recycled materials! This STEAM activity encourages imaginative play and develops fine and gross motor skills.


  • Recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Long string/lanyard
  • Art supplies (markers, crayons, washi tape/stickers, feathers.. etc. ) 


  • Set up an art station to decorate the rolls.
  • Find an area to set up your zip-line, a fence or a tree to tie one end of the string. 
  • Place your rolls onto the string
  • Find another area to tie the end of your string, make sure one side is higher than the other so there is an incline for your zip-line. 
  • Be mindful that the strings are an appropriate height for your child to reach. 
  • Begin at the higher end and watch your zip-line go! 


If creating multiple zip-lines, make sure each tube is on its own string.

Create zip-lines with varying heights and distances.

Create multiple zip-lines and have a race!